PRG Pakistan is one of the largest medical billing companies in Pakistan serving 200+ medical practices in the USA for the last two decades. We have 1000+ employees in our organization and we have 5 offices in Lahore, 1 in Islamabad and 1 in Gujranwala. As an employer, we provide opportunities to the employees to show their talent according to their expertise. We also provide the educational tools for each employee to keep evolving their career. 

The ultimate goal is to keep employees happy and we acknowledge every effort of a single person in our organization. We have developed the various dynamic programs where best performers are recognized with multiple titles like: Employee of the Month”, “Manager of the Quarter”, and “Manager of the Year”, as well as work anniversary celebration. Moreover, we facilitate our employees with vehicles, both cars and bikes to great achievers like supervisors, team leads, and managers. Not only that, we also arrange corporate dinners and recreational trips for the employees.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create maximum employment opportunities for the people of Pakistan. With this ambition, our objective is to hire 100 employees every month. We are an equal opportunity employer.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a platform for job seekers in Pakistan to find relevant employment opportunities. As an employer, we enable employees to have a consistent career growth by giving them ample time and educational tools to learn.

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