Success Narratives

Haris Mahmood

My Best Decision

My name is Haris Mahmood, and I just wanted to share my experience with everyone around me. I joined PRG on 09/12/2022 as Supervisor Operations. Since then, it has been a roller coaster ride for me to learn and adapt to the flawless process of handling provider practices.

My Experience as a PRG Employee

I have been in the billing field for the past 9 years but have never experienced such a fast growth in learning. I advise every biller who wants to work in 360-degree dimensions of medical billing – that they join PRG to practice working at an advanced level.

Positive thing about the PRG Seniors

I want to add a very positive thing about the seniors of all departments. All of them are very helpful whenever the whole management sees a person having issues, in understanding the protocols and patterns. All come across to help the individual; that’s the best thing I noticed here at PRG.

Source of Positivity

I am amazed to see the connection between CEO Mansoor Ahmed and VP. Diane Schultz with all of the employees working at PRG. Diane Schultz hosts the daily executive meetings by herself and guides everyone around PRG with all her motivation and positivity. She always takes every chance to guide anyone, regardless of their position. She is always humble with newbies, team leads, supervisors, assistant managers, and managers.

Annual Dinner Observation

I saw tremendous management at the annual dinner, which was an employee recognition ceremony. On that day, I saw CEO Mansoor Ahmed and VP. Diane Schultz enjoyed the ceremony; regardless of them standing the entire time, they didn’t lose their energy while congratulating everyone on their achievements. I am thankful to Director Operations Ammar Iqbal, Manager Arfan Idrees, and Usama Shahid for giving me a chance to work under such wonderful people.

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